How Can You Generate Your Leads?

Ans: We have an in-house team that contacts thousands of businesses every week via direct marketing ways. The primary method in use is Email Marketing. But we try other options for marketing as well, like cold calling and social media marketing. We help your company get contact resources through marketing by promoting the benefits of SEO and web design. When any prospects respond back, it gets treated as a Lead.

What Prospect Info Gets Included With Every Lead?

Ans: Every lead we send to the contacts contains the prospect’s name, contact number (if required), email resource, website (if applicable), and any additional note related to a service request.

What Are The Different Leads You Sell?

Ans: Most leads show an interest in SEO services or web designing services. We employ different lead generation campaigns for the different types. Mostly, the prospects are business owners who recognize the advantages of online marketing, website design, etc., and understand how these services can benefit their organization. Every lead we provide is an exclusive one. It means, the lead is unique and is sent to one company only. These are not shared leads where the same lead gets distributed to a group of two or more companies. Every lead is unique and fresh. We only the new prospects to you with whom we have been in contact for less than 72 hours 

Can You Guarantee it?

Ans: Web Leads Point guarantees you that every lead we provide is unique and fresh. We provide accurate information and assure to return/replace any inaccurate lead without any charges.

Why Should I Buy Your Leads?

Ans: Web Leads Point offers the best team in service for lead generation. Our team comprises qualified marketers and prospectors, specializing in lead generation for companies based in the US and other countries. Our in-house service team provides effective methods for connecting to global businesses and educating them of the advances of digital marketing and helping them convert to customers. Every week, we connect to thousands of businesses throughout the country to generate leads for web design and SEO companies for assisting in better conversion. Our team recognizes the essentiality of lead conversions for which we prefer communicating to every lead. It ensures the credibility of interest and accelerates the chances of purchasing the services of SEO or web design. Our huge client base proves our diligence and efficiency in bringing the leads for services that can convert. 

What Is The Type Of Business That You Focus On?

Ans: Our team approaches small and mid-scale businesses that operate in varied industrial fields. The local businesses that we focus on are – accountants, real estate agents, contractors, electricians, salons, auto mechanics, etc. The national businesses that we focus on are – manufacturers, software firms, commerce sites, finance organizations, etc. Following is the typical breakdown of the targeted company sizes from the leads – 

  • 1/3rd of the leads has employees ranging between 1 to 5
  • 1/3rd of the leads has employees ranging between 5 to 15
  • 1/3rd of the leads has over 15 employees

You can say that 2/3rd of the leads we generate are from small-sized companies. 

What Are The Average Conversation Rates and Contract Size Generated Through Your Leads?

Ans: We do not fluff the numbers while marketing our services. With the exclusive US web designing and SEO leads, our conversion rate is around 10%. The top-selling client sells around a fixed number of 20%. Honestly, this high percentage is difficult to promise. The conversion rate for the shared leads in the US is around 3 to 5%.

The average website created from our leads is around $1500 to $2500. Most sites are WordPress sites, based on templates. Most clients opt for monthly maintenance, hosting, or marketing packages alongside the initial charges for creating the site. 

An average SEO service agreement is around $400 to $500 per month. There are other average figures also. But that would be misleading as our clients come on board from varied capacities. We also have clients who do not go for a web development project below $5000 or opt for a monthly SEO service agreement below $1,500; yet, they work well with our leads, despite not converting as high as the average percentage of the rest.

How Many Leads Can I Get Each Week Or Daily?

Ans: The number of lead generation per day or week depends on two aspects. Firstly, the lead generation package you have chosen from our multiple offerings. Secondly, the number of leads we have generated on a specific day or week. 

The numbers can be unpredictable as we have big days and small days as work. During big weeks you may receive maximum leads. In contrast, the lead numbers can drop very low during the small weeks. The numbers will fluctuate with our lead flow and, we inform that our clients. Thus, we incorporate a billing process that fluctuates depending on the high and low numbers.

Is There A Way To Limit The Leads I Get In a Week?

Ans: Yes, there is a way to limit it. All you require is to note the number of leads you want to get in a week. While checking out, we review your request and accommodate accordingly. However, you can alter this number at any time point. There are lucrative discounts for the higher quantity leads generated weekly. Thus, if you drop a large weekly commitment to a small one, there can be price alterations and vice-versa.

What Is The Cost For The Leads?

Ans: There are different types of leads for which the prices vary with the budget. You can refer to our Order section and find the packages and products with prices.

How Can I Buy The Leads From You?

Ans: You can purchase it online through the Order section. With us, you can get your first lead in just a day!

Is There a Hidden Fee?

Ans: No. We follow a transparent process for which we never charge you any extra penny besides the displayed price-per-lead amount.

What Is The Procedure For Weekly Billing?

Ans: Web Leads Point offers you two ordering ways – Weekly recurring orders and One-time orders. 

Most clients prefer the weekly recurring offer. In this order type, we send you a bill every week based on the number of leads you have picked. If you have not got the same number of leads generated in the week, we credit it and roll over for the next week’s bill. This way, you get a fair deal by paying for only the service you have chosen.

In one-time orders, we stick to the pace you provide to us. After sending all the leads, we send you an intimation for continuation. 

You can choose any of the mentioned ordering procedures by checking the details from our website.

Is There A Lock-in Period For Long Term Agreement?

Ans: No, we do not have a lock-in period for our clients. You can choose to cancel the agreement at any time point. However, if you cancel abruptly, we continue to send you leads until the credit expires. We will not charge you for those leads as it was present in the previous cycle. 

Can I Pause My Account?

Ans: Yes, you can pause the account. Our clients may get overwhelmed by receiving too many projects at a time. Thus, they want to take a break. All you require is to inform us. We will hold the lead generation for the specified time and resume when you need it again. 

What Is The Lead Return Policy Here?

Ans: We also get bad leads and thus allow a return option. The clients can return it within 28days of receiving it. You can write to us on our email id to explain why the lead is not working for you and the unsuitable attributes. We at Web Leads Point do not provide you with a refund but, we can replace the bad leads with the good ones. Certain regulations are attached to the definition of a “bad” lead and the return policy.

Clients can term a lead as “bad” if they have incorrect information, phone number, or email id. The qualified reasons for returning the leads are –

  • Wrong phone number, email address (email bounces)
  • Lead claiming, they have no clue about what you are talking about.
  • Lead only wanted to complain that Web Leads Point have sent them an email and wants to remove their details from our list
  • The lead is not a potential client or is a competitor.

The reasons that do not qualify for a lead return are –

  • The lead cannot afford the charges to become your client
  • The lead has changed their interest The lead prefers doing business with a local entity
  • The lead is not responding or connecting back to emails and calls
  • The lead is uninterested in doing business with your company
  • The lead has requirements that do not match

Web Leads Point cannot accept a return outside our service control. For example, if there is an unresponsive lead, we cannot help it in any way. The response rate from the leads can vary for more than one reason. Like – frequency of connecting back through emails, calls, voicemail issues, etc. We agree that such unresponsive leads can be frustrating, but we cannot help you out in such cases. 

We have clients who get the majority of the leads through the phone. In contrast, we also have others who do not frequently contact us. They may not have a suitable pitch to get 30% of prospects on the phone. Conversion rate and contact rate for leads depend on the applied methods, frequency of contact, and the people connecting to the leads. 

Are The Leads Generated By You Better Than The Ones I Generate?

Ans: Honestly, no. Ideally, the leads you generate via your website and your referrals are the best. These leads have higher chances of conversion, compared to the ones you get through a paid lead generation source. You have to keep in mind that it is difficult to generate qualified leads on your own and, at the same time, grow the company without having externally supplied leads. Thus, it is wise to get more leads onboard via external assistance. Even if the sourced leads are not as good as the ones generated by you, they can help your business grow.

As there are differences in the quality of the generated leads, we break down the lead in the following for your better understanding. The leads may be – Cold, Warm, and Hot. Cold leads can be the data leads that you get by buying a list of names with contact numbers. It may be through services like Hoovers or InfoUSA. You Coldcall them and thus, start from scratch without knowing if they will convert. Hot leads may be the referral leads which you get through other clients, the network of professionals, and personal contacts. People connecting to you after finding your service online are also hot leads. Web Leads Point provides you with warm leads. Our leads are neither cold nor hot and have medium chances of conversion. They express interest in the service but are not sure about your service. Thus, you have to work and earn credibility to get the sale. You can say, we help you halfway by finding the interested prospects and, the rest is up to you if you can impress them for business conversion. 

Why Is Web Leads Point Better Than Other Lead Generating Services?

Ans: The lead generation service field has no shortage of fraudulence, deception, and inflated information. We at Web Leads Point focus on getting you a transparent and fair procedure for lead generation. We do not inflate the numbers and offer you a justified price for each package. Our team provides you with exclusive and fresh leads. Our huge client base is proof of our diligent service and credibility. We ensure your success for the long term with our dedicated measures for qualified lead generation. Connect to us and understand why we claim our services superior to the rest.